Today is the day…

 Welcome back to work today!!

You might have gotten up this morning with a heavy heart, or not feeling 100% yourself, or not motivated, or not looking forward to another day of slogging it out at work.

Or you might have awoken this morning with a song in your heart, brimming with energy and enthusiasm, ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.

Whatever your mood or frame of mind when you wake up and face the day – think of today as an empty vessel, and you have the opportunity to fill it with whatever you choose.  You can fill it with negativity, gossip, laziness, taking shortcuts, being unfriendly and rude to people.  Or you can fill it with laughter, friendliness, a hug or two, extreme productivity, excellent work output, caring for others, helping a colleague, encouraging others around you, and so forth.  It is YOUR CHOICE.  You can CHOOSE your attitude for today, and you can either be a BUILDER or a BREAKER!

Consider this:  today will only happen ONCE IN A LIFETIME!  Today will NEVER be repeated.  The opportunities that you miss today, might NEVER come around again.  That is why TODAY IS THE DAY!  It is the day to make a difference, to close that deal, to service that (difficult) customer, to master that new skill, to help and assist, to grow, to let others grow, etc.

Make it happen TODAY!  And let the results be there for all to see.  You must go to bed tonight with an extreme sense of satisfaction that YOU have made a DIFFERENCE today.  That the world is a better place because of the small but significant contribution that you have made.

Every morning when you wake up – CHOOSE how you will spend the day.  You might not have a choice about the good or bad that happens to you, but you DO have the CHOICE to decide how you will respond to these.

Make the right choice – and live your life accordingly!

(Based on an email I sent to Rotolabel employees on the 31st July 2013).



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  1. Hi Wicus,

    This makes me reflect, look into the inner me and ask myself what would i want my children to be. Set an example of good attitude so that we can conquer the world.



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