Introduction to the WICMAR blog

Welcome to my BLOG!

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WICMAR is a shortened version of my name – Wicus Maritz.

The “tagline” for this blog is:  SHARE . INFORM . INSPIRE . EDUCATE.  This summarises what I intend to achieve with this website.  Looking at each of these components:

EDUCATE:  Life-long learning has been an on-going quest for me.  One is never too old, too qualified, too experienced, too clever, too poor, or too “whatever” to learn something new every day.

INSPIRE:  It is hugely important for me to inspire other people to become better at what they do.  This is especially true in the work environment, where I’m responsible for a few hundred employees.

INFORM:  A large part of this blog will be to inform readers of a number of interesting topics, irrespective whether it has inspirational or educational value.  I’m interested in many different things around me, which includes music, movies, science, technology, management, leadership, travel, photography, brewing beer, human psychology, etc.  I read widely and scour the internet for interesting articles, newsfeeds, etc.

SHARE:  At the end, it all comes down to sharing my interests with individuals that might find it useful, whether from an educational, inspirational, or purely informational point-of-view.

I trust that whoever stumbles upon this blog and read what I have to share, will find it useful, and will subscribe to get more.  I hope that people will get enjoyment from this, as I hope to get enjoyment from writing and posting my blogs.